A cutting machine or a bread cutting machineis an automatic cutting machine for slicing bread.

Automatic cutting machine for fast and even cutting

Bread cutting machine | Cutting machine history – from past to present

The bread cutting machine history began at the end of 1920s. It was in the 1928 when the first cutting machine for bread was made by Otto Frederick Rohwedder. Bread cutting machines have come a long way since then. The cutting machine for cutting bread is now used all over the world. Despite the initial distrust in the bread cutting machine people soon discovered that the cutting machine is very useful.  The same year the first sliced and bagged bread cut by a cutting machine was sold. And the rest as they say is history. Nowadays no bakery, hotel, restaurant etc. can function without an automatic cutting machine for bread.

Cutting machines for bread | Revolution in sandwich making

In the beginning the bread cutting machine was subjected to much doubt. They believed that bread, pre-cut on the cutting machine, would dry too fast. But as it turned out the cutting machine was a marvellous idea. Cutting machines sliced bread to exactly the same pieces. Although those bread cutting machines did not pack the cut bread, they changed its use forever. Bread, sliced by a cutting machine was pre-packed to prevent dryness. Sandwiches would not have been the same today if it wasn’t for the great automatic cutting machine. The cutting machine makes evenly big slices in a matter of seconds.

Bread cutting machines today | Automatic cutting machine with packing

Nowadays modern bread cutting machines range from fairly simple cutting machines to multi-loaf automatic cutting machines with wrapping application.  Cutting machine can also be used as cutting machine for cakes and other bread-like food. There is almost no limit. Bread cutting machine is safe to use, practical, precise and easy to clean. A cutting machine saves time and energy and the pieces that are sliced by bread cutting machines are always exactly the same size.

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