Cutting bread without a bread cutting board using Domina slice cutter and our bread cutting guide .

Cutting bread | From a bread cutting board to an automatic slice cutter

Cutting bread after 1928 | No more bread cutting boards in bakeries

Cutting bread has significantly changed since mechanical slice cutters were invented by Rohwedder. Till then not only housewives but also bakeries and restaurants used an ordinary bread cutting board to slice bread. Cutting bread became easier than ever. No more bread cutting board, cutting bread using an automatic slice cutter made bread cutting as easy as pie all over the world. There is one benefit of the bread cutting board compared to cutting bread on a slice cutter: one doesnt need a bread cutting guide.

Cutting bread with slice cutters | Banned pre-sliced bread during World War II

Cutting bread was revolutionized by the slice cutter and it seemed as if nothing can stop slice cutters. But there was a minor glitch during the 2nd World War. Cutting bread to sell in bakeries was banned by the current Food Administrator. Cutting bread itself was of course not forbidden. The main reason was the higher costs of packaging pre-sliced bread. Bakers, who kept cutting bread on their own slice cutters were seriously warned to stop. But eventually slicing bread and packing it turned out not to be such a cost, so the ban on cutting bread was withdrawn after less than two months.

Bread cutting guide | Cutting bread with a slice cutter can be effortless and quick

All Domina slice cutters come with a bread cutting guide. The first and most important rule is to leave the bread to cool down before cutting it. That rule applies for cutting bread on a bread cutting boardas well. Every bread cutting guide is especially designed for the bread cutter in question. Whether you decide to get a fully automatic slicer for cutting bread or a semi-automatic one the bread cutting guide will thoroughly explain steps for cutting bread thus you will get required results every time.

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