Bread slicing guide | bread slicing | adjustable bread slicing guide | bread slicing knife

Bread slicing guide – best way of slicing bread without a mess | Adjustable bread slicing guide | Bread slicing knife

Today many tools are being invented to enhance the bread slicing technology such as a bread slicer guide for home use. A small bread slicing guide can be a kitchen tool which is intended to slice the bread into even slices. However, these small bread slicing guides would never be sufficient for establishments with the need for much larger quantities of bread slices such as restaurants and school kitchens. That is why professional bread slicers are an important part in a restaurant or school kitchen's equipment.

Bread slicer guide – bread slicer blades

A bread slicing guide is also a vital part of a professional bread slicing machine. It combines a series of sharp evenly spaced blades with the motion of moving the bread loaf through the blades. The breadcrumbs then fall into a drawer which is located in the lower part of the bread slicer (breadcutter). An ajustable bread slicing guide is a good option if you want to choose the thickness of the slices everytime you slice the bread.

Bread slicing guide – bread slicing with Domina bread slicer

Bread slicing guide can certainly be handy, especially if you a need large amounts of bread slices – in a bakery, a hotel or in a restaurant. Our company offers a solution for faster bread slicing – our own product Domina bread slicer. You can choose between automatic, semi-automatic, bread slicers with a conveyor belt for easier handling and even faster cutting, and trim & cutting machines, which are perfect for making tramezzini sandwiches. We also produce separate packing tables.
Domina bread slicer has a modern design and corresponds to all technical and functional requirements for these kind of bread bakery equipment. The use of the machine is safe and simple. The bread slicer blades are made of top quality steel with impeccable and long lasting sharpness.

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