Bread cutters| Bread cutter guide – from home bread cutter to bread loaf cutter for bakeries.

Bread cutters | Bread cutter guide through different types of bread cutters

Bread cutters | Cutting bread at home with a bread loaf cutter

The fact, that a bread cutter is among the most fascinating and important inventions of the past century, is undoubtedly confirmed by the phrase, that something is ‘the greatest thing since sliced bread'. Glancing through a bread cutter guide one can instantly notice that there are many varieties of bread cutters available. Bread cutters, suitable for home use are usually smaller. Domestic bread loaf cutters can generally be divided into two major groups:

  • manual bread cutters
  • electric bread cutters


Manual bread cutters | Characteristics of a home bread cutter

Manual bread cutters are appropriate for cutting small amounts of bread at home. The bread cutter is usually either wooden or plastic. The essential characteristic of thebread loaf cutter are vertical slots that guide the knife. Manual bread cutters don’t speed up the process of cutting, but they do enable us to make evenly thick slices. Home bread cutters somehow lost their meaning, since pre-sliced bread, cut by bigger bread cutters, is available everywhere.

Electric home bread cutters | Bread loaf cutter with rotating blade

Electric bread cutters for domestic use are mostly bread cutters with rotating blade that cuts one slice of bread at the time. It is a bread cutter that can be used to cut other food a swell. A bread cutter guide usually shows how a loaf of bread is put against the blade of the bread cutter. Bread can be cut to different thicknesses, using a thickness button on the bread cutter. The main weakness of this kind of bread cutters is that they neither significantly speed up the process of cutting nor make absolutely even slices. The only thing one avoids by using the electric bread cutters is the actual arm movement with a knife. To summon up: both above mentioned bread cutters are adequate for household use and neither of them is equivalent to automatic bread cutters.

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