Automatic packaging machine | Automatic bread packaging machine

Automatic packaging machine | Keeping bread fresh and tasty with bread packaging machine

An automatic packaging machine is a bread packaging machine, which conveniently puts a pre-sliced loaf of bread into a bag. Not surprisingly the man who tackled this problem was Otto Rohwedder, the inventor of a bread slicing machine. An automatic packing machine was certainly not an easy task. A bread packaging machine took quite a long time to be perfected. Realizing that the pre-sliced bread stales much faster compared to the whole loaf, an automatic packaging machine was the next logical step.

Bread packaging machine | Automatically packs the sliced bread into a bag

Rohwedder was well aware of the problem with the sliced bread. But an automatic packaging machine was still a very distant idea. As all inventors he didnt think of a bread packing machine overnight. Automatic packaging was added much later. First Rohwedder tried to pin slices of bread together with hat pins, but they quickly fell out. Eventually he came up with the idea of a bread packaging machine that would not only slice a loaf of bread but also wrap it in wax paper. It was then that an automatic packaging machine was born.

Automatic packaging machine | High quality Domina bread packaging machine

Automatic packaging machine prevents sliced bread from getting stale too fast. All Domina automatic bread slicers can be upgraded with a bread packaging machine or a bread packing table. A vent, positioned under the table, blows air into the bag to open it, which facilitates inserting the bread loaf into the bag. A Domina automatic packaging machine has got a CE Certificate. It is low maintenance, easy to use and simple to clean.There are several ways of packing a sliced bread loaf, but an automatic packaging machine is by far the most sensible one.

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