Automatic bread slicer and semi-automatic bread slicer from Domina – an ideal slicer for everyone

Automatic bread slicer | Fully automatic or semi-automatic slicer

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Automatic bread slicer – a slicer that cuts bread automatically – has been around for almost 100 years now. An automatic bread slicer with belt offers the easiest way of cutting bread. Domina automatic bread slicer with belt has got a conveyor belt on one side of the slicer. Loaves of bread are put on the belt of the automatic bread slicer and the belt leads them towards the blades. On the other side of the slicer bread comes out cut to perfect slices. The automatic bread slicer can also be equipped with a packaging table, which means that one person can do the whole process of cutting and packaging from start to finish.

Automatic bread slicer | How to operate an automatic bread slicer with belt

Because an automatic bread slicer can also be equipped with a conveyor belt, slicing bread has really become an effortless job. Imagine having to slice every piece of bread in a big restaurant or a hotel by hand, not using a slicer. It’s virtually impossible today, when life is getting faster and faster. With Domina automatic bread slicer is suitable for any type of bread.  You choose the right thickness and push the button – and the rest is up to the slicer.  After bread is cut, you can put it in a bag to prevent drying. All that at the push of a button.

Domina semi - automatic bread slicer

A semi-automatic bread slicer is a bread slicer which has a handle on the side. The semi-automatic bread slicer hasn’t got a conveyor belt to lead bread loaves towards the blades. When you want to slice the bread, you move the handle of the slicer to push the loaf through the blades. Domina semi-automatic bread slicer is as all other Domina slicers easy adjustable to different bread heights and easy to clean and operate.  The new Domina semi-automatic bread slicer has been improved. Slicing width has been extended and new blades added, keeping in mind our objective to make cutting bread as easy as possible.


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