Automatic bread slicer Domina AP and AE

Automatic bread slicer Domina AP and AE

In this automatic bread slicer Domina we upgraded semi-automatic bread slicer Domina that we cut bread by pressing button. It is possible to set the speed of cutting bread. By holding the start button for 3 seconds you can activate the function of continuous operation of the machine with a waiting interval of 5 seconds.

Comparison of bread slicing on our Domina (slicing speed setting) and world-renowned competitor:

Types of bread slicers (bread cutters):
- Domina AP: PNEUMATIC (air min. 6 bar)

Standard width of cut bread:
- BREAD SLICER (BREAD CUTTER) 11mm (11mm slices of bread)
- BREAD SLICER (BREAD CUTTER) 15 mm (15 mm slices of bread)
- BREAD SLICER (BREAD CUTTER) 20mm (20 mm slices of bread)

Two bread slicers (bread cutters) in one

- 11 in 22 mm
- 15 in 30 mm


  • setting options cutting speed
  • simple and quick height adjustment of bread up to 165 mm, allowing for FASTER and MORE ACCURATE bread slicing (min/max)
  • photocell included


  • installation packing table on old and new models semi-automatic and automatic bread slicers Domina
  • we can produce bread slicer Domina by your order, desired on your width of bread from 10 mm further
  • extension of table at the exit of bread 250x500mm
  • special oil for lubricating blades spray 0.75l or 5l containers
  • counter

Photo gallery:


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